Journey Within

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

“Experience your true potential”

Kumar Rishi a Vedic Astrologer & Spiritual Guide is a traditionally trained space holder with natural intuitive skills to reconnect you with your higher self.

His work is a mix of Spiritual and Karmic guidance using Vedic Astrology and Chakra system to facilitate and set your higher Spiritual goals which are well in alignment with your day to day living.

He holds a Masters degree and several other rewards and recognitions, which enables him to relate and identify day to day struggle in modern living.

His consultation is a very balanced interpretation of Spiritual and Materialistic Opportunities and challenges, as indicated in your Vedic Horoscope.

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Katyayani Vedic Astrology

is a 21st century version of an ancient Indian Brahmin Tradition practiced over centuries within close boundaries. Founder of “Katyayani Vedic Astrology”, Kumar Rishi G Vishwanath Iyer, fondly addressed as “Rishi ji” , deeply believes that the real essence of knowledge is in sharing it with people from all walks of life. Rishi, is a professionally qualified Vedic Astrologer and a Management Graduate. Astrology has been in his family for many generations, which has blessed him with certain “spiritual secrets and calculations”, which are very rare.

Our linage of astrologers has been blessed with the opportunity to serve many Royal Families and prominent figures, few of them are mentioned below:

• “Mahatma” Gandhi
• First Prime Minister of India: Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
• Queen Elizabeth of the British Empire
• “Gurudev” Rabindranath Tagore
• Sardar Patel
• Bollywood Celebrities

Awards and Recognition

Rishi has received many recognition from the government of Uttrakhand which includes following prominent ones:

Award for Heritage protection, by Mr. Harish Rawat, Ex. Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, July 2016

Jyotish Shree” awarded by Mr. TS Rawat, Hon. chief Minister of Uttarakhand, April 2018

Jyotish Ratna” awarded by Dr. KK Paul, Hon. Governor of Uttarakhand, May 2017

Meditation and Healing Journeys

Shiv Shakti Meditation

Using the dual advantage of Medical astrology and Meditation, we follow a unique mapping system to mark blockages and hidden traumas stored in the physical and psychic body. Few of the meditation techniques used are mentioned below:

Chakra Balancing II kundalini meditation II Transcendental Meditation II Transformational Breathwork II Mantra Meditation

Services Offered

Vedic Astrology ReadingsVastu ConsultationPost marriage ConsultationPre Marriage ConsultationAcademic Consultation
Horoscope Matching for Marriage, Partnerships and EmploymentGemstone TherapyScared Mantra ChantingMeditationCareer Consultation
Vedic NumerologyColor TherapyRudraksh EnergizingSpiritual ConsultationFire and Water Rituals

We welcome you to Katyayani Vedic Astrology and wish u a very bright future..