Vedic Astrology and Philosophy School

Available Courses for 2023

S. NoCourseDurationFee
1Fast Track Course 110 Days/ 15 Hours€ 799
2Fast Track Course 215 Days/ 25 Hours€ 999
3Fast Track Course 330 Days/ 40 Hours€ 1599
4Vedic Numerology10 Days/ 12 Hours€ 1099
5Vedic Mantra Chanting10 Days/ 15 Hours€ 999

All the courses are available in person and online mode.


Duration: 1 Day/ 6 Hours
General Topics:

  • Introduction to Vedic Astrology
  • Significant celestial transitions.
  • Indian Philosophy
  • Elements and human body
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Transformational Breath work
  • Indian Mythology and creation of the world workshop

And many more topics

Vedic Astrology Course Details

Fast Track 1

What You will Learn

-: Understand the Fundamental Principles of Vedic Astrology.

-: Understand basic Astronomy principles for an Astrologer.

-: Understand each planet’s archetype characteristics.

-: Understand the different sign’s qualities.


1.1 what is Astrology or “Jyotish”
1.2 Tropical and sidereal zodiac
1.3 How to make a Vedic horoscope
1.4 Styles of Vedic Horoscope
1.5 Exercise
Signs and planets in Vedic astrology

2.1 Zodiac signs and their interpretation
2.2 Planets and their interpretation
2.3 Directions of signs
2.4 Strength and weakness of a sign
2.5 Exercise
The functioning of the planets

3.1 Direction and nature of planets
3.2 Mythology of each Planet
3.3 Relationship between planets: friend, enemy or neutral
3.4 The influence of the speed of planets
3.5 Exercise
Houses in Vedic astrology

4.1 Significance of each house
4.2 Classification of houses
4.3 Body parts and houses
4.4 Spiritual Goals of life through houses
4.5 Exercise
Lordship of the houses

5.1 Working with the lords of the houses
5.2 Houses and Signs
5.3 lordship of the Nodes
5.4 Planets as indicators of the houses
5.5 Exercise
Planets, houses and their significator

6.1 The position of the planets in the houses
6.2 Significator of each Houses
6.3 Exaltation and Debilitation of planets
6.4 Strength of a planet
6.5 Exercise
Conjunction, Aspects and Motion

7.1 Planetary conjunctions
7.2 Planetary Aspects
7.3 Sign Aspect
7.4 Direct and Retrograde planets
7.5 Exercise

Fast Track 2

What you will learn:

-: Includes everything from Fast Track Course 1 and

-: Understand various Planetary YOGAs in Vedic Astrology

-: Learn about the Dasha System ( used only in Vedic Astrology)

-: Remedies and methods of neutralising the ill effects of planets and how to boost good results of a planet

-: Ayurveda and Astrology

Yogas in Vedic astrology

1.1 Pancha mahapurusha yogas
1.2 Parivartana yogas
1.3 Other important yogas
1.4 The position of yogas
1.5 Exercise
Predictive astrology: The Dasha’s

2.1 Interpreting Maha Dasha’s
2.2 The role of MahaDasha and Antara dasha
2.3 Linking MahaDasha, Antra Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha
2.4 Time of Maturing of planets
2.5 Exercise
Remedies in Vedic Astrology

3.1 The role of remedies in Astrology
3.2 Healing through Gemstones
3.3 Colour therapy
3.4 Mantras
3.5 Exercise
Ayruveda: Vedic healing

4.1 Panch Mahabhutas and Astrology
4.2 The three Doshas and Astrology
4.3 The Three Gunas and Astrology
4.4 Effects of disturbance in the dosha / Guna harmony
4.5 Exercise

Fast Track 3

What you will learn:

-: Includes everything from Fast Track Course 1 and 2

-: Understanding planet through its placement in each Sign

-:Introduction to Nakshatras

-: Sample Horoscope Analysis of famous personalities

-: understanding how to decode your own Horoscope

Planets through Signs

1.1 Sun and Moon through 12 Zodiac Signs
1.2 Sun and Moon Through 12 Houses
1.3 planetary positions and their qualities based on ascendant
1.4 Karakas, Badhaka and Maraka planet for each Ascendant
1.5 Exercise
Introduction to Nakshatras

2.1 Formation of a Zodiac Sign
2.2 27 Nakshatras
2.3 Lord, Deity, nature and significance of each nakshatras
2.4 13th Zodiac Sign
2.5 Exercise
Sample Horoscope Analysis

3.1 Horoscope Analysis of famous Hollywood celebrity
3.2 Horoscope Analysis of famous Scientist
3.3 Horoscope Analysis of famous Politician
3.4 Horoscope Analysis of students choice
3.5 Exercise
Self Analysis of your personal Horoscope

4.1 Finding important Yogas in your chart
4.2 Finding strengths and weaknesses in your chart
4.3 Three Gunas and Doshas in your chart
4.4 Overall complete analysis of your horoscope
4.5 Exercise

Vedic Numerology

What you will learn:

-: Numerology and Planets
-: Destiny Number and Life Path Number
-: How to cast a Numerology Horoscope
-: Dasha Calculation in Numerology

Introduction to Numerology

1.1 Number System: Chaldean vs Pythagorean Numerology
1.2 Numbers and Planets
1.3 Combination of numbers
1.4 Double, Triple and more sets of numbers
1.5 Exercise
Your birth date and Numerology

2.1 Life Path Number
2.2 Destiny number
2.3 Friendly Numbers
2.4 Your name and it’s Numerological Value
2.5 Exercise
Casting a Numerology Horoscope

3.1 Structure of a Numerology Horoscope
3.2 linking numerology horoscope with Vedic Astrology Horoscope ( applicable for students who have also learned Vedic Astrology)
3.3 Calculating Dasha’s in Numerology
3.4 Your Numerology Horoscope
3.5 Exercise

Vedic Mantra Chanting

What you will be performing:

-:Grah Beej Mantras ( planetary seed/root vibration mantra)
-:Isht Devta ( Divine Vibration for Destiny Activation)

This is a special course designed only for those students who wish to activate their favorable gods/ deities vibrations based on their Vedic astrology.
This is not available all the time and for everyone and is available only after a detailed Vedic Astrology Reading has been given to the student.