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Astrology and Numerology

S.NoConsultation OptionConsultation IncludesConsultation Fee
1Silver ConsultationAstrological predictions of a maximum of any 3 questions. Remedies and other suggestions€80
2Gold ConsultationNatal and Annual horoscope reading with spirtual guidance and remedies to improve the quality of life.Gemstone and other Vedic remedies will also be suggested if asked for.€100
3Diamond ConsultationNatal and Annual horoscope reading using a mix of Astrology and Numerology.
Focusing on:
-Career consultation
-Academic/ Learning and self development consultation
-Pre /post marriage consultation
-Spiritual and karmic Guidance
-Past and present life karma analysis.
-Other issue resolution as required.
-Gemstone selection, Vedic remedies
( Check for upcoming discounts and deals with us)

Featured consultation

S.NoConsultation OptionConsultation includesConsultation Fee
1Vedic TarotVedic Tarot reading : A mix of astrology
& Bhagwat Geeta Tarot

The short Analysis includes just
Vedic Tarot reading.

Detailed analysis includes
All the aspects of Diamond Consultation +Vedic Tarot reading.
Short Analysis€150
Detailed Analysis€250
2Vedic NumerologyCasting a Numerology Horoscope
Life Path number, Double numbers and their connection with Numerology Horoscope, Destiny number identification, Name Correction, personality traits and general predictions.
3Dream AnalysisDetailed analysis of your dream ( if found out to be a real dream) to connect your self with the thread of your higher self or the cosmos. Remedies and precautions in case of unpleasant dreams.€175
4Prashna Kundali
Answers specific question in a Yes or No.€85
5Vastu ConsultationAura scanning and cleansing, land inspection and correction of directions to match individual energies, negative or blocked energy removal, selection of new house, apartment or land, also for commercial purposes.€250
(Additional cost in case of outstation sites)
6Special Eclipse ReadingDetailed Analysis of incoming eclipse and it’s impact on physical and spiritual body. Analysis of specific do’s & dont’s and selection of most appropriate/ customized Mantra for best outcome based on individual chart to be chanted during the eclipse period. Answers to other important questions asked by the seeker.

( available only when a major eclipse is approaching)

Special Consultations

S.NoConsultation OptionConsultation IncludesConsultation Fee
1Marriage consultation
Horoscope Matching
Love and compatibility analysis
Issues in getting married
Separation/Divorce and how it can be avoided
Other Relationship Challenges
For 2 Horoscopes
2Career ConsultationPersonality analysis and suitability of professions, Profitable business ventures, investments, Promotions and financial analysis.€250
3Spiritual Guidance and MeditationThese are series of custom designed consultations meant to embody and align oneself with Higher vibrations using several tools and methods.€250

Payment Options

Consultation will be considered as booked only after the transfer of funds using any of the below mentioned options. After making the payment individuals will receive an email or whtsapp message confirming the booking and asking for the birth details of the concerned parties.

Consultstion may be availed using any of the following options:

  1. Personal meeting at Dehradun, Mussoorie, Rishikesh.
  2. Telephone call: +91 9897519170/ 8077822410
  3. E mail:
  4. Video conference: on Zoom:
  5. Whtsapp video/voice call: +91 9897519170
Transferwise or WISE:
Google pay:
 +91 8077822410

Please Note: while using paypal/ WISE all additional transaction cost as charged by the service provider will also be applied to the consultation charge.